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The notes of the military tents
Release time:2012-12-7,  Visits : 60

The military tents are very normal to use for army right now, and can’t get away for military tents to offer the basic purpose. It were used in the past, now also, but in future is the same. But before installation the military tents, you have to consider more factor.

1.    Must to check the terrain, don’t have rolling stones, rolling wood and decayed rock etc

2.    Don’t install the military tent near in river or arroyo in rainy season.

3.    In order to protect the thunder attack. It won’t install the military on mountaintop or a wild and empty filed.

4.    When installed on sand or soft soil, can drainage trenching around the military tents, to keep the inside military tent drying.

5.    If you want to cook in military tent, then must be far away from flame or use fireproof board to insulate it.

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